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The thing about people is that they try and try and the outcome is always the same. People go through life thinking their the best but at the end of the day, they fail. Nobodys perfect. Take all the people that work so hard their whole life and end up having another person being better and smarter. How is that living their life? Are they just being told what to do? Are there parents controlling their lives? People should just stop and think about what there doing with there lives and see if its actually worth it. Suicidal thoughts happen because the person is unhappy. If your not satisfied with your life, change it. Go see something new. follow your dream. stop pretending to be someone your not because society is constantly telling you who be like. Im an ordinary girl who’s not as smart as some people in my class. But at least Im seeing the things I’ve always wanted to see and doing the things I’ive always wanted to do. Now think to yourself… At the end of the day… Are you actually living?